Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin and your immune system

Vitamin d has been in the press a lot. Partly because Osteoporosis is on the rise. Vitamin d plays a role in Osteoporosis because of its interplay with calcium. calcium is essential for bone health, however, you must have adequate vitamin d levels to absorb the calcium. Therefore GP’s now prescribe Vitamin d alongside vitamin c.

Vitamin d is a crucial factor in promoting a good immune system. It makes macrophages, one type of white blood cell that digest viruses or bacteria that enter your body.

How do you feel if you are low in vitamin d?

  • Low immunity  – you either get persistent coughs and colds or you find it difficult to shift a virus
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness and anxiety

The demand for vitamin d increases in a variety of ways, for example, if you drink alcohol, are a diabetic, a vegetarian, have an autoimmune disease or are being treated for cancer.

What do I need to eat to get more of it?

This is the tricky part. Yes, there are traces of vitamin d in some foods like egg yolk and sprouted seeds but not enough for your daily requirements. You need the sun. Sunshine on your skin gets made into vitamin d in your body. This is hard to obtain during the long UK winters, that’s why supplementation is recommended from October-April. However, It is very important to get your vitamin d levels checked by your doctor before supplementing.

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