Why I eat broccoli everyday

Broccoli helps your hormones.

Really? Yes, indeed!

Broccoli is from the Brassica family. Brassica’s contain something called Diindolylmethane or DIM for short. DIM is one of the liver’s best friends, it supports Phase 1 metabolism in the liver. This is where your oestrogen gets dismantled. This is a really important part of regulating your hormone health, how well your liver sorts out used up oestrogen, really helps to manage the common hormone symptoms you might be experiencing. Liver detox support is key in hormone issues, the indoles found in broccoli and other brassicas help to detoxify that excess oestrogen. So you can see why these veggies need to be on your plate everyday.

Why else is broccoli so good?

Fibre – Everyday fibre is really important. We can’t escape all the toxins in our environment. However, if you can get good fibre into your diet then it’s going to keep you on the regular, which is so important as it helps to get things moving, it can address any defective digestion (think constipation) and improve toxin excretion.

Prebiotics – Now you might have heard of Pro-biotics but what about Pre-biotics? Pre-biotics are your good gut bacteria’s favourite food and fuel. One good example of a pre-biotic is broccoli stalks (you know that bit that usually gets thrown in the bin with the little elastic band that ties it up), they are actually really good for us, so don’t chuck it! Those not so pretty veggie stalks play an important role in gut health by giving your good bacteria cellulose fibres (fav food). I usually slice the stalk into discs and throw it in along with the broccoli in the steamer.

Things to keep in mind

Try to keep it organic. Broccoli features on Environmental Working Groups Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen list. This list helps you avoid the Dirty Dozen, the non-organic fruits and vegetables that are highest in pesticide residues. Buying organic everything is expensive and I’m a realist, so if you can prioritise buying the dirty dozen organic it will go along way to keeping toxin exposure down. However the great news is is that broccoli is on the Clean 15 list!

How to include it into dishes

  • My go-to is usually steamed for a few minutes only, keep those nutrients in, then mix through salad greens like rocket and watercress, this takes minutes and then serve with a protein of choice and a delicious dressing.
  • Or oven roast some broccoli in olive oil and Tamari and either have as part of a roast or keep them in the fridge to add to lunch on the go like a pasta salad.
  • Or, how about a pesto? Raw broccoli whizzed with lots of luscious herbs and a little linseed oil, garlic, lemon juice and pine nuts.
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