I'm Josephine, Nutritionist, mum, part-time kitchen dancer, self taught cook and a Perimenopause Pro!

My perimenopause journey didn't begin very well. As hormone fluctuations overwhelmed me, I was left feeling lost, scared and sick; nutrition gave me a way back to myself.

For years, my relationship with food was difficult. I used to rely on anything sweet to get me through the day. It was a daily battle of giving into cravings, feeling defeated, then dragging myself through the day, emotionally drained.  I've navigated my way through and now fully understand how food can make you feel good, supported and grounded.

No restriction, fully nourished.

I've spent years studying female hormone health, fine-tuning what women in their 40s and beyond need to get their energy back and use food to fuel their lives. I believe that food and lifestyle choices can support healing and change; they have for me and the people I've been lucky enough to work with.

“Finding Josephine has been a god send to me -  She is a nutritionist who listens attentively, assesses holistically, backs up her advice with scientific evidence and provides truly tailor-made support.”

- Kayliegh Swift,  Hove -

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