6-a-day Veg & Tomato Sauce

Cook time & Preparation

This will make a good-sized batch for a dinner for 4 with a jar left over to go in the fridge/freezer.

I use this sauce in everything – Pizza base, pasta sauce, soups. It’s got all the veg in it, it’s just brilliant to have in the freezer, with lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre as well.


  1. Roughly chop up all the veg: 1 courgette, x2 handful of mushrooms, x1 onion, x2 cloves of garlic, x3 blocks of frozen spinach, x2 good sized carrots (and any extras you fancy..celery, squash, etc…
  2. Heat up a good glug of olive oil and put all the veg in. Add in x2 cans of tomatoes, x7 sundried tomato slices, x2 bay leaves. Cook all off for 10 mins or longer if you have the time, to let flavours deepen (I use a pressure cooker, it takes half the time). Season to taste.
  3. When cooked and cooled, whiz up with hand blender/ processor/ blender.