Menopause Retreat Day

Learn how to support your health and reduce your peri and menopausal symptoms with nutrition, exercise and GP advice.

A Menopause retreat day including education, self care, and empowerment to take back your health and regain your vitality. The day involves movement, delicious nutritious food and specialist guidance on how to navigate your way through every stage of the perimenopause and menopause.

A beautiful, welcoming, comfortable space to relax in

Guided functional exercise sequences

Nutrition workshop on the essential hormone supporting nutrients needed in your diet

GP advice on what the menopause is and the best ways to look after yourself and HRT Q&A

Nutrition Webinar - Manage your stress


Are you tired on waking? Do you have an energy slump around 3pm? Or are you just tired all of the time? Your body is telling you something, during this talk we will discover why and what you can do to address this tiredness.

I will be offering advice and tips on how to balance your energy levels. I'll also be talking about how this is linked to craving certain foods and why tiredness and stress can add extra weight to our middles.

“The workshop was fantastic. I've learned so much how about the right nutrition for me and now understand my cravings. Lots of helpful tips to take home.”

– Sue Bond –London